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Before a winners name is added to this list, we have contacted them to let them know they are a winner and have confirmed with them their address. We only use first names and locations for privacy purposes for our winners. 

December 2018

Complete YouTube Studio - Steven, Dresden NY

Canon M50 - Sandy, Nanaimo Canada 



YouTube Secrets Book - Janine, Acton London 

YouTube Secrets Book - Tracy, New York NY

YouTube Secrets Book - Timothy, Winston-Salem NC

YouTube Secrets Book - Eric, Kelowna BC Canada 

YouTube Secrets Book - Kevin, York PA

YouTube Secrets Book - Miguel, Glendale AZ


November 2018



YouTube Secrets Book - Sam, Selangor West Malaysia 


October 2018



YouTube Secrets Book - Emmanuel, Oak Lawn IL 



YouTube Secrets Book - Jarrod, Los Angeles CA 

YouTube Secrets Book - AJ, Woodland Hills CA 

YouTube Secrets Book - Kendria, Tualatin OR 

YouTube Secrets Book - Celsea, Tualatin, OR 

YouTube Secrets Book - Annette, Columbus OH


September 2018

Canon M50 + Complete YouTube Studio - Halid, Chicago IL 


June 2018

Canon M50 - Kevin, MO USA


April 2018

VRA 2.0 - Adil, AZ USA

VRA 2.0 - Nadda, NY USA

VRA 2.0 - Shridhar, Mumbai India

VRA 2.0 - Hunter, CA USA

VRA 2.0 - Jeff, Calgary Canada

Canon M50 Creator Kit - Jasmine, MA USA


March 2018

YouTube Studio - Zach, OK USA


February 2018

Private Coaching W/ Sean - Steven, NY USA


JAN 2018

Canon M100 — Corina, NV USA

$550 Amazon Giftcard — Aditya, India

VRA Scholarship — Jalissa, USA

VRA Scholarship — David, USA

Book "Crushing It" — Nancy, USA

Book "Crushing It"— Jeremy, UK

Book "Crushing It" — Yuki, USA

Book "Crushing It" — Ronnel, USA


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