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Think Marketing Podcast: Grow WIth Video Live Ticket Winners


Sharl | FREE Premier Ticket

John | FREE Premier Ticket


(To learn more about Grow With Video Live The Virtual Experience, head to

YouTube Influence Challenge 2020 Winners


Shure Gear

Amy | Shure MV88

Kathy | Shure MV88

Joseph, Elko NV | Shure MV51

Eric | Shure Headphones


Rode Gear

Morgan, Las Vegas NV | Rode Microphone


Joby Gear

Kathleen, Sonoma CA | Joby Vlogging Kit

Kathy | Joby Vlogging Kit


Other Gear

Christina, Sneads Ferry NC | Logitech StreamCam

Mika | Blue Yeti X

Dakota | Moza Vlogging Kit

Thomas | Gimbal

Jason, Lincolnton, NC | Deity Microphone

Christopher | Samson Q2U Microphone

Cecily, Philedelphia PA | Canon M50

Daniel, Chesapeake VA | Canon M50 Kit



Keisha | VidIQ Boost

Tiffany | VidiQ Boost



Jennifer | Rev Credit

Anne | Rev Credit

Paul | Rev Credit

Alana | Rev Credit


Think Media

Katherine, Henderson NV | YouTube Starter Kit

Aaron | YouTube Starter Kit

Faria | YouTube Starter Kit

Hiten | Video Ranking Academy Course

Busola | Video Ranking Academy Course

Carl | VIP Status

Brandon | Challenge Gift Card

Elba | Challenge Gift Card

Adrienne | Challenge Gift Card

Silvia | Challenge Gift Card

Rachell | Challenge Gift Card

Krysti | Challenge Gift Card


YouTube Secrets 

Lorena, Bakersfield CA | YouTube Secrets Book

Andrea | YouTube Secrets Book

Kaiyan, Houston TX | YouTube Secrets Book

Mollie, Sonona CA | YouTube Secrets Book

Jenni, Saint Paul MN | YouTube Secrets Book

Brittany, Santa Fe CA | YouTube Secrets Book

Ceallach, Bethlehem PA | YouTube Secrets Book

Brandon, Vancouver WA | YouTube Secrets Book

Heather, Fort Mill SC | YouTube Secrets Book

Martin, Aylesbury Bucks England | YouTube Secrets Book

Mollie | YouTube Secrets Book

Menaka, Boca Raton FA | YouTube Secrets Book

Jared, Tulsa OK | YouTube Secrets Book

Bobby, Virginia Beach VA | YouTube Secrets Book

Travis, Hudson NH | YouTube Secrets Book

Lance, Randburg South Africa | YouTube Secrets Book

Dan | YouTube Secrets Book

Shaily, Vasco Goa | YouTube Secrets Book

Pauline, Harrow Middlesex London | YouTube Secrets Book



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